Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Trends – Ballerina Girl

Those who know me best wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear my favourite of all the summer trends this year has got to be the Ballerina trend.

My dream career, had I the necessary control of my muscles, would have been a toss-up between gymnastics or ballet, or a combination of both even.

Mostly for their poise and grace, but the pretty outfits and shoes were an extra attraction.

Not surprisingly though, my ability for pirouettes and cartwheels extended only as far as my Barbie doll’s flexibility allowed. Barbie had it all, the strength, control, poise, dance studio, and all the outfits her heart desired. Ok, all the outfits my heart desired.
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Anyway, now that Barbie has been relegated to the attic, and my capacity for exercise extends as far as a treadmill or cross trainer, the ballerina in me has to depend on the fashion industry for inspiration.

Now, I’m not talking leotards and legwarmers here. Although I do have a vague recollection of pink legwarmers at some point during my 80s childhood.
Not ideal for every day wear though really, or adult life in 2015..

So, I’m thinking more adaptable pieces as those we’ve seen on the catwalks, such as sheer pretty fabrics, delicate colours and flowing silhouettes.

From the catwalks to the highstreet, this trend comprises so many elements to appeal to the inner ballerina in the likes of me who can only but dream.
The fluid floating gowns of the Valentino and Giorgio Armani SS15 catwalks set the scene for this graceful trend.

Valentino SS15 image credit: Pinterest
From chiffon maxi dresses, to full tulle midi skirts, with wrap-over crop tops or sweaters for occasion wear.  Or for the off-duty look, how about slouchy sweatshirts with leggings or loose print joggers? Wide legged trousers in delicate fabrics and colours could also pass for this trend, if you keep the shape and silhouette simple.

For those who prefer the less girly and more edgy styles, these delicate pieces can be mixed with leather or denim jackets, metallics, chunky leather boots, or trainers.

My favourite piece of this trend at the moment, is a pale pink pleated skirt from Penneys – now available in coral or blue.

If pink seems a little too sugary, other colours in this trend’s palette include nudes, neutrals such as creams or whites, pale greys or other pastels such as baby blue.

My choice of shoe for this trend is a little limited as always, to the brogue, flat mary jane pump or trainer.  But feel free to experiment with as high a heel as your balance allows.


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