Card(s) of the day - Raphael

Something I've found great comfort in during recent times of confusion, is a daily chat with my new Archangel friends. I picked up these cards a while back at the Mind, Body & Spirit show and I'm definitely getting my moneys worth!

If I'm honest, it was probably the rose pink cover that first caught my attention..nothing new there you might say. But a true believer would say that in itself was a sign they were meant for me, and who am I to argue?

So, pink-ness aside,  they've become part of my daily routine, and I figured why not share some good advice with whoever needs a bit of guidance.

Some days I might consult them for general advice, but then other days they'll respond to a specific question or concern. And I have to say, they seem to know their stuff!
They'll also persist with any important messages they think I need, and will repeat any lessons I haven't quite learned.

So, for anyone looking for some angelic advice, I'm gonna try share some insights here in the form of Michael, Ariel and their Archangel troop.

Starting with today's pick, which was a general check-in rather than a specific request.

Perhaps they've seen me hitting the chocolate today in Patrick's Day lent-breaking tradition. Or they've noticed my lack of exercise today, and are gently reminding me it's only a one-off.

Either way, it's good advice, and obviously significant enough for Raphael to turn up twice!
And sure look, he's even wearing green for the day that's in it!

So, if you need some encouragement, I'll leave my friend Archangel Raphael to have the last word, while I find some quiet breathing space to follow orders :-)

Let me know if you'd like me to so any questions on your behalf..

Til next time,

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