Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Florals.. Autumn....'groundbreaking'

As promised, here's the next instalment of my Autumn trend serve. I know not everyone shares my infatuation with pastel pink, so these looks below might be for you!

Florals for spring are summer are pretty predictable but probably less expected for the colder seasons. It can be done though as we've seen in the past, with darker backgrounds and tonal prints.
Here are some examples I found at the weekend. I haven't invested in any myself - yet.

Red Herring, Debenhams
This dress from Red Herring at Debenhams uses the dark background with a pretty pink and khaki print. Similar prints are used at Wallis, with the addition of an Autumn regular, mustard yellow. After these, no more pink, I promise..


This outfit below caught my attention - if you like mixing trends, this shirt will do the trick. A nice combination of Autumn plaid with a simple floral print. Tempted by this one myself..

A fashion buyer told me recently that teal had never really been a big success in the Irish market, but it seems to be making a comeback this season. 
I have to say I'm delighted to see these pieces from Oasis offering a different colour palette for Autumn. 
If the warm earthy tones don't sit well with your skin tone, this cool colour could be worth a try. Maybe the subtle printed collar could be a starting point if print scares you? 

I'll have both of these outfits, please.. 


Another major colour trend this season I'm sure you've all noticed is the usually more festive red. That's probably a whole post in itself, but this Topshop look combines it with the Autumn floral.
Of course we can't ignore the accessories here when we talk florals - if the clothes haven't already tempted you, these could help you introduce florals into your Autumn wardrobe.


Another trend down, plenty more where these came from. Until next time!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Trendspotting Part 2

Hi there, hope you all had a good weekend! Can you believe it's Sunday night again already?
Did anyone indulge in some new trends over the weekend? I went out to do a bit of research for you all, found myself a couple of bargains while I was there!

There are so many trends and micro trends out for the new season, it can be hard to know where to start.

If you're still not sure which trends are for you, I've taken some snaps of a few colours, prints etc. Hopefully these will give you some inspiration.

The first colour trend that grabbed my attention was the continuation of pastels from last season. You might think this is a strange one, but you may well know by now that I'd live in pastels year round if I could!

From outerwear to knitwear and dresses, if pastels are your thing, you won't be stuck this season.

These coats in Debenhams would be ideal for Autumn when it's not time for the full length coat just yet, but we need a bit more than a blazer or bomber jacket. I would have bought one of these but I still can't decide which colour I prefer! Surprised? 
The cream is gorgeous but probably not great for wheelchairs and rainy days.

Even footwear has joined the pastel gang, with some good flat options for those of us who can't handle heels! Great casual options in Penneys and Topshop with some nice ballerinas too in Debenhams.



Pastels and prints from Penneys are a handy way to include some elements into an outfit without breaking the bank. Blouses like these are good for workwear with some tailored trousers and a blazer.

What can I say about this beauty, other than I hope they have some left by next pay day.. I should know by now you gotta be quick in Penneys!
These are a few pastel pieces I spotted, you can see more over on my Facebook page, just search @styleability.

Don't worry if pastels aren't for you, I'll be back soon with plenty of other options.

Stay safe everyone, and chat soon,

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Trendspotting - part 1

So, now that we've officially started September, it seems more than appropriate to start updating the new season wardrobe. Am I right?

I managed a quick run (on a scooter**) around Penneys the other day and snapped a few pics and nabbed a few little updates myself.
I really just went in for the pink vanity case, (we'll come back to that) but.. you know yourself..

The Shopmobility** service by the way is SO handy in these situations. I'd never manage to carry around that vanity case with two crutches, never mind the usual extras that jump on board. It makes it tricky to reach some smaller areas of the store, like cosmetics etc but in my case that's probably more a blessing than a curse. It actually helps with taking photos too, saves me trying to balance on one crutch with phone AND shopping in the other.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few bits I found in the popular AW'17 colours. Some I resisted, others, well..

I only had an hour this time due to scooter return rules, but no doubt I'll be back again soon enough. Today we'll focus on the first shade to catch my eye -


My fave of all the autumn colours is back again in abundance. Whether you like the full outfit, or the odd accessory, you'll find a way to include this old reliable this season. I'm loving the shoes.. brogues AND trainers?! Like they were made for me..
These blazers are amazing too, I've got the black version, great fabric for this time of year. I'd have bought these trousers but I got some last season and haven't worn them yet!

Blazer, crop trousers, bralet and patent brogues

Can we just take a moment for these.. patent brogues

Lace sleeved blouse

Oh there are no words.. burgundy trainers 

If burgundy doesn't tempt you, stay tuned for the next instalment with some other options. And feel free to suggest the next colour trend if you have a fave!

Chat soon,

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Autumn alert!

I know, it seems a bit soon to be getting the winter coats out just yet, but Dundrum Town Centre are letting us know they're ready for Autumn with their latest style evening.

Their recent Autumn trend evening brought together some of their key upcoming trends with advice from stylist Lorna Weightman.

I'm liking the abundance of red but not sure it'll like me so much. It's one of those colours that wears me rather than me wearing it. The fawn coat from Oasis is calling out to me though. Seems to be a popular one so we better get in there early. Last year I spent all winter searching for my perfect fawn coat, but I wasn't the only one obviously!
Seriously though, this one has removable collar and shiny buttons, how could I pass up an opportunity like that?
They also have it in black and grey too if fawn's not your cup of tea.
If you fancy taking on a major trend for the season, a red winter coat or stylish handbag could be the way to go. If following the catwalk trends appeals to you then top-to-toe red is on the cards, so go for both together and take it from there.
Navy and grey are regulars in the autumn palette and my favourites really, less harsh than black and white, but just as easy to mix and match.
I have to say I LOVE this grey check coat from LK Bennett, but can't allow myself near it as I got a new grey addition last winter. And assuming it still fits! I could maybe stretch to a tan bag though to complete it..?

This navy bag from Aspinal of London is pretty amazing too, but I may need to find a lower budget version at the moment!

An autumn trend discussion wouldn't be complete without denim, and rumour has it the bootcut might be on the scene this season. Dunno about you, but that suits me perfectly. Those skinnies sitting on my shelf more than on me can carry on gathering dust a bit longer. I think an update might be required though, and it sounds like Topshop is the way to go.. I'll report back on that search when it happens!

Any new Autumn trends out there take your fancy?
Race you to the checkout..



Thursday, 24 August 2017

Love, loss and life lessons.

Hey there everyone, welcome back to Styleability, and thank you for your patience during my recent absence. 

The last few months have been more than tough for my family. While I like to keep this space for fashion and related topics it just doesn't feel right to carry on without acknowledging the loss of one of the most important people in my life.

At times like these, such things like shoes or handbags seem trivial in comparison. Although they say we must carry on with life, certain things have seemed less important to me than before, so I've stepped away briefly to let time do its thing and let my heart be where it needs to be.

They say loss will change you forever, but they also say time heals all wounds. I've also been told creativity can help us to get through stressful times.

So, with the love and memories of my precious Dad forever in my heart and mind, I'm back here to try continue doing something I enjoy - something he always advised me to do - above all else, do what makes you happy. 

Exactly one year ago, we stood side by side at my graduation, where he even had a go at trying my cap to get his own graduation photo. 
What better way to honour this precious memory than by using the skills I learned to get that cert.  
If you have similar experience and feel like sharing please feel free to do so in the comments or by private message. 

Otherwise, please do check back very soon for a return to the more traditional Styleability posts. 

Take care, 
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