Saturday, 2 September 2017

Trendspotting - part 1

So, now that we've officially started September, it seems more than appropriate to start updating the new season wardrobe. Am I right?

I managed a quick run (on a scooter**) around Penneys the other day and snapped a few pics and nabbed a few little updates myself.
I really just went in for the pink vanity case, (we'll come back to that) but.. you know yourself..

The Shopmobility** service by the way is SO handy in these situations. I'd never manage to carry around that vanity case with two crutches, never mind the usual extras that jump on board. It makes it tricky to reach some smaller areas of the store, like cosmetics etc but in my case that's probably more a blessing than a curse. It actually helps with taking photos too, saves me trying to balance on one crutch with phone AND shopping in the other.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few bits I found in the popular AW'17 colours. Some I resisted, others, well..

I only had an hour this time due to scooter return rules, but no doubt I'll be back again soon enough. Today we'll focus on the first shade to catch my eye -


My fave of all the autumn colours is back again in abundance. Whether you like the full outfit, or the odd accessory, you'll find a way to include this old reliable this season. I'm loving the shoes.. brogues AND trainers?! Like they were made for me..
These blazers are amazing too, I've got the black version, great fabric for this time of year. I'd have bought these trousers but I got some last season and haven't worn them yet!

Blazer, crop trousers, bralet and patent brogues

Can we just take a moment for these.. patent brogues

Lace sleeved blouse

Oh there are no words.. burgundy trainers 

If burgundy doesn't tempt you, stay tuned for the next instalment with some other options. And feel free to suggest the next colour trend if you have a fave!

Chat soon,

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