Monday, 7 September 2015

Museum of Style Icons

Well, finally I made it, after months of promising myself the time out to visit the Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge Silverware. 

Not one for driving long distances due to fatigue, I tend to postpone such outings for a time when I’ve more energy. Whenever that arrives!


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

There's always one..

Hey everyone,  I realise my little blog has been a bit neglected these past few weeks. My love of fashion has been laid up in hospital, and is getting a bit restless now.

It's not the ideal situation for creative thinking, so I thought I'd write instead a bit about where I currently find myself, and who with.

Drawing upon the lunchtime conversation today, I thought I'd share some of those inevitable features of hospital, any hospital.

I'd be interested to hear what particular memories or associations you'd add to the list!
  • Lights off before it gets dark. Lights back on before it gets bright.
  • Dinner at lunchtime, supper at dinner time, and breakfast in the middle of the night.
  • A table with the dimensions of a ruler and temperament of a shopping trolley, on which to store your entire life. Usually piled high with chocolate. And fizzy drinks.

  • A comedian. In the form of a patient.
  • Another comedian in the form of staff. 
  • The patient who needs the window open 24/7 despite the weather. Then the one who needs it closed 24/7 despite the weather. And the one caught in the crossfire. 
  • The private patient shoved in a public room, and not a bit happy about it.
  • The public patients listening to the private patient, and not a bit happy about it. 
  • The one forced to wear the flimsy piece of material as replacement for the pyjamas they didn't bring. 
  • The one who bought new co-ordinating pyjamas especially. And a dressing gown to match. (Would like to say this is me but afraid not). 
  • Pedal bins that more than half the population can't use. 
  • Squeaky wheels. Everywhere. On everything. 
  • A continuous round-the-clock queue for the bathroom. Make that every bathroom. 
  • Milky tea and soggy cornflakes. Or even vice versa. And a digestive biscuit to dunk. 

  • A pile of last year's gossip magazines with remnants of the above tea and digestives.
  • And to save the best for last. My all time favourite. Peas. Peas. And more peas - the things most likely to put me in hospital had I not been there already!

Did we miss anything??

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