Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Florals.. Autumn....'groundbreaking'

As promised, here's the next instalment of my Autumn trend serve. I know not everyone shares my infatuation with pastel pink, so these looks below might be for you!

Florals for spring are summer are pretty predictable but probably less expected for the colder seasons. It can be done though as we've seen in the past, with darker backgrounds and tonal prints.
Here are some examples I found at the weekend. I haven't invested in any myself - yet.

Red Herring, Debenhams
This dress from Red Herring at Debenhams uses the dark background with a pretty pink and khaki print. Similar prints are used at Wallis, with the addition of an Autumn regular, mustard yellow. After these, no more pink, I promise..


This outfit below caught my attention - if you like mixing trends, this shirt will do the trick. A nice combination of Autumn plaid with a simple floral print. Tempted by this one myself..

A fashion buyer told me recently that teal had never really been a big success in the Irish market, but it seems to be making a comeback this season. 
I have to say I'm delighted to see these pieces from Oasis offering a different colour palette for Autumn. 
If the warm earthy tones don't sit well with your skin tone, this cool colour could be worth a try. Maybe the subtle printed collar could be a starting point if print scares you? 

I'll have both of these outfits, please.. 


Another major colour trend this season I'm sure you've all noticed is the usually more festive red. That's probably a whole post in itself, but this Topshop look combines it with the Autumn floral.
Of course we can't ignore the accessories here when we talk florals - if the clothes haven't already tempted you, these could help you introduce florals into your Autumn wardrobe.


Another trend down, plenty more where these came from. Until next time!

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