Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Blogger Conference Dublin 2015

Back in November I had the pleasure of attending my first blogger event, the 2015 Blogger Conference in the Marker Hotel Dublin - A much needed girl's day out with my sister and fellow blogger at Mamavoom, with a lot of learning thrown in for good measure.

With so many interesting speakers sharing valuable insights on their areas of expertise, it's hard to choose what to share with you here. So, having gone through my frantically written notes from the day, I've put together a top ten list of tips you might find useful.

1. Build a brand: 

Research your competition and current trends;
Identify your brand elements such as uniqueness, personality and benefits;
Set brand targets and draft a content plan.

2. Be yourself:

Remember to be authentic, relevant, flexible, and above all, passionate.

3. Don't be afraid:

Find your unique voice and your own style of writing. If you find your work interesting, others will too.

4. Find your own USP - unique selling point:

Find your own area of expertise and stick with it. Don't copy or repeat content from other blogs.

5. Speak the truth:

Don't confuse the truth with the opinions of the majority - remember to check facts, back them up and avoid misleading information. Remember false information affects the lives of others.

. Gather your material: 

Take note of everyday events, stories and anecdotes to use as material for future content.

7. Choose your social media platform

Keeping up to date on all platforms is near impossible these days, so choose your favourites and focus on them, such Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

8. Be mobile friendly: 

Most of us browse, read and share on the go thanks to busy lifestyles, so make sure your blog is set up for mobile access - via Google's page speed insights.

9. Invest in quality images:

Using a good quality camera will allow you to take and upload professional images and photos to your blog and social media pages. This is one I'll be working on for the new year!

10. Be aware of image rights:

Always remember to ask permission before using others' images in your content.

These are just a selection of the great tips shared by industry experts at the event. I for one will be referring back to these and others over the coming months in my quest to improve my little blog and get the best from my blogging experience!

Do any of these stand out for you?

Have you picked up any other tips you'd like to share? :-)

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