Thursday, 24 August 2017

Love, loss and life lessons.

Hey there everyone, welcome back to Styleability, and thank you for your patience during my recent absence. 

The last few months have been more than tough for my family. While I like to keep this space for fashion and related topics it just doesn't feel right to carry on without acknowledging the loss of one of the most important people in my life.

At times like these, such things like shoes or handbags seem trivial in comparison. Although they say we must carry on with life, certain things have seemed less important to me than before, so I've stepped away briefly to let time do its thing and let my heart be where it needs to be.

They say loss will change you forever, but they also say time heals all wounds. I've also been told creativity can help us to get through stressful times.

So, with the love and memories of my precious Dad forever in my heart and mind, I'm back here to try continue doing something I enjoy - something he always advised me to do - above all else, do what makes you happy. 

Exactly one year ago, we stood side by side at my graduation, where he even had a go at trying my cap to get his own graduation photo. 
What better way to honour this precious memory than by using the skills I learned to get that cert.  
If you have similar experience and feel like sharing please feel free to do so in the comments or by private message. 

Otherwise, please do check back very soon for a return to the more traditional Styleability posts. 

Take care, 

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