Thursday, 2 July 2015

Skincare - routine or rut?

Well, I’ve been doing a bit of a bedroom clearout this last while, and as always found myself recovering things I’d forgotten I had, didn’t like, used once, or never used at all. 

Not least of all, the contents of a cosmetics drawer.  I use the word “drawer” loosely really, as said drawer has developed an overflow “corner of room”.

Safe to say, I have a problem throwing things out. 

As usual, I have the full unused items, the nearly empty bottles, and those I might just squeeze one more use out of. Someday. Then there are the favourites that I buy in bulk when they’re on special offer. Don’t even get me started on those.

So, where to begin here then?  I guess firstly, admit defeat on the unused or unopened products – if I haven’t used them so far, I won’t use them “in an emergency”.

Off to the bin they go, or to someone else who will actually appreciate them for what they are.

Next up, the multiples.  Got to remember where I put these, there are only so many packs of cucumber wipes or hair bb cr√®me one bedroom can hold.  And the tendency to lose them after I’ve saved money on their 3 for 2 deals, kind of defeats the purpose of saving money.  Especially when I go back for another 3 for 2 batch to save myself some more money.

You can see the pattern here.

So, finally and most importantly, are the things I’ve bought, used once and forgotten about – the half full or half empty, bottles taking up space in the drawer and doing my hair/skin/nails no good as a result. Just use them, they won’t bite.

Some of these said products brought me back in time a bit, to the start of my skincare routine as a teenager.  (I don’t actually have them that long; I’m not quite that bad yet). 

Now, when I say skincare routine, it started out as such and now is more of an inconvenience if I’m honest, as laziness kicked in with the invention of make up remover wipes. 

Anyway, back to the teenage years, when my introduction to skincare came in the form of a Johnsons Baby gift set.  These began the start of my religious cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, and stayed with me for some time I must say.  The bag included the baby oil for eyes, baby lotion for cleansing skin, a toner which they no longer make, and the baby moisturiser to finish off.

Some of these can still be found in my de-cluttered drawer, as I return to them when my skin has had too much of the wipes and needs a bit of reassurance.

Amidst the heavy consumption of cucumber wipes, the Johnsons Baby collection is a welcome break for my skin, and not too taxing on the bank balance either.  A good balance between the wipes and the more expensive brands kept only for special skincare occasions.

If, like me, your budget can’t quite reach the designer counters, I’d recommend going back to these basics for a while. 

The baby oil is great for removing eye make-up, with no nasty side effects for sensitive eyes like mine.  The pink lotion is a gently calming cleanser for the skin, especially if a bit dry or sensitive.   The moisturiser then is light and fresh, and comes in a handy tube for the handbag too.

So, if nothing else benefits from a summer clearout, my skin should at least be a little happier for the next while. 

Here’s to a clutter free room (eventually), and a fresh start.


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