Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Afternoon Tea for Two - Review


Being the Bank Holiday weekend, the typical Irish weather ruled out any outdoor activities once again, but the occasion could not go unmarked. 

Having seen advertisements for a local Vintage Afternoon Tea, the longing for caffeine, sugar and pretty things set in, so I sent off an email requesting a reservation.
Should really have put two-and-two together as the combination of “vintage” tea in a “historical” building really doesn’t scream accessibility does it?

Sure enough, the tasty treats would have to be earned by climbing a flight of vintage stairs, so that was the end of that one.
Not one to give up on a quest though, the search continued and revealed a higher than expected popularity for afternoon tea of a bank holiday Sunday with many places booked up already in advance.

All was not lost though, as the lovely folk of the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire came to the rescue. 

Most definitely worth the research! Beautiful surroundings, complete with sparkling chandeliers, comfy (if deceptively low) armchairs and an amazing view of Dun Laoghaire bay. 

Following slight confusion over our booking, and the ousting of some other guests from our pre-booked pretty table, the menu search settled on a classic afternoon tea.  I’ll let the photo do the talking on that one..
For a nice relaxing afternoon, I’d definitely recommend giving this a go, and will no doubt be returning when these calories have been adequately obliterated. 

Beautiful location, with a buzzing yet relaxing atmosphere, and helpful staff.  In terms of accessibility, parking is underground with accessible spaces close to the door, and complimentary when you avail of hotel’s services. 

The accessible bathroom is close to the cafe/lobby area and reception, and there is an accessible entrance to the hotel with a ramp, at the side of the lobby area. 

This would be the perfect location for a summer’s afternoon, if and when the Irish summer finally arrives.. If not, we’ll just stick with the afternoon tea by the fireplace.

For some Afternoon Tea inspired outfits, check out these styling suggestions below.  


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