Monday, 8 June 2015

Uncomplicated Underwear

Another query I’ve received recently, and a sensitive issue for many ladies, is finding practical yet attractive underwear.  Mobility limitations can cause difficulties that many would perhaps take for granted, myself included.
How many times have you cursed the bra clasps as you fumble to get dressed in a hurry? Until a recent conversation with an OT, it had never occurred to me how I would deal with this if I had limited dexterity in my hands.

So it got me thinking, I wonder how many options are out there in the lingerie departments that look pretty but can be negotiated with ease?

The foundation for any outfit, your choice of underwear is generally based on support, comfort and appearance.  But if upper body mobility is restricted, this can make fiddly fastenings or straps an obstacle to choosing something stylish.

Depending on the outfit, some alternatives to the standard back-fastening bra can include the crop top, racer back sports style, bandeau, strapless or front fastening.

Stick-on bra, Next

A possible solution could be be to replace the catch on a front fastening style with an easier to manage choice such as poppers, a zip or Velcro.

Zip up bikini top, Dunnes Stores

Racer back crop top, Dunnes Stores

For those who find wandering straps an issue, gadgets are available to keep straps together at the back – or could also be made with a strip of Velcro.  

I’ve also used body tape strips (available widely, mine from Penneys) to help control any slipping.  Halter neck options or racer-back styles can also help with this problem. 

Self-adhesive bra cups may work for special occasions, but may be less supportive for everyday use.  

Some garments now feature built-in bra support, such as camisole or vest tops, swimwear and evening dresses. 

Perhaps another solution could be to alter specific items by inserting bra cups permanently into the garment, to eliminate difficulty getting dressed.


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