Sunday, 31 May 2015

Shoes for style AND comfort?

I recently received a query from an occupational therapist on behalf of a patient she is working with. 
Being an ongoing battle of my own also, this query regarding shoes was particularly appropriate!  

The lady in question was having difficulty finding stylish shoes with the practical elements she now requires. 

Having recently started walking again during her rehabilitation, she now naturally requires shoes with adequate support, an issue I’m all too familiar with myself. 
Factors including mid heel heights, stability, secure fastening, strong supportive materials and comfort, are difficult to find in a stylish fashionable shoe.
For everyday wear, sports shoes can be the most comfortable and practical, but for attending a special occasion or event, we obviously need a shoe in the right style and colour for the outfit.  (I’ve often found myself planning an outfit from the bottom up, starting with the shoes, to eliminate some of the stress).

Given the circumstances, we can immediately rule out the usual go-to occasion wear – high heels - along with some of other regulars such as sandals or wedges or even ballerina pumps. 
Sounds like I’m being fussy, I know.  From a personal perspective, I’ve often felt I’m putting the store assistants through their paces as a difficult customer. 
I may sound like a picky, hard to please shopper, but this is the way it has to be I’m afraid. No point any of us risking injury and further restriction for the sake of heel height, is there?

So, given the limitations, these are some of my preferred options when shoe shopping.  Have to say I’m loving the trend for brogues at the moment, as it makes life easier and still allows for some stylish options.  One pair in every colour please..

I think it is always a good idea to go for quality in shoes if support is an issue.  Cheaper brands can be ideal for a once-off event or a holiday, but won’t last beyond the season (or be approved by the physios).  

When choosing shoes for an occasion, I try to buy with other outfits in mind as well, to make sure I get value for money.  Neutral colours such as black, navy, nude and white are obviously a wise choice, and generally easier to find in the most suitable style.

These are some on my spring/summer wish list at the moment – 





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