Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Outfits of Christmasses past

Did you ever get one of those days where you just suddenly miss your childhood and wanna go back there for a while?
Been having one of those funny days today, probably from being stuck indoors a bit too much. Or maybe all Christmas ads are starting to wear me down!

It just occurred to me as I posted an OOTD pic on Instagram, it reminded me of one of my childhood go-to comfort outfits.

It was probably my tenth or eleventh Christmas, when I got my first ever pair of jeans. For some reason my parents had some opposition to us wearing jeans, so it took me those ten years to chip away at that.

Come to think of it, if we didn't wear jeans, I'm not sure what else we wore instead! I have a vague recollection of leggings and matching t-shirts. And all-over lovehearts.
Replace those with padded sweatshirts, in colder seasons. We probably kept Littlewoods (known then I think, as Family Album) well and truly in business. Coral seemed to be a popular colour back then. And most of it ended up in my wardrobe.

Anyway, this particular year, I had also been given a handmade Aran jumper by my aunt Mary, the family Aran supplier of the time.

The bee's knees, I thought I was.

So if I wasn't in school or girl guides uniform, it was my trusty denim and Aran combination for the rest of that year.

Today as I grabbed my snuggly cream knit with my sit-around-the-house jeans, it brought me right back to those simpler times. I bet there won't be many kids this Christmas morning overwhelmed with joy at a jumper and pair of jeans. Unless they've a pretty expensive label attached?

Maybe I'm wrong in my assumptions, having seen my nephew's enthusiasm at his Paw Patrol t-shirt recently. He is still a toddler of course, so I'll be interested to see how long that continues.
And I'll keep buying his current faves as long as it does..ahem.

Funny though, things may have changed in society (and my wardrobe) since those days, but I'm still pretty happy with a new jumper or pair of jeans. You know, if anyone happens to bump into the man himself..

Did you have a particular favourite outfit as a child? Or a Christmas outfit you'd rather not go back to? :-) Go on, tell us..

See ye later,


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