Saturday, 19 November 2016

Attempting the London Look

Ambient mood lighting any time day or night. Indoors or out.
Even in the midst of an argument, the sun sets in a bluish/pinkish sky. While the birds sing sweetly. And the crisp autumn leaves twirl around, oblivious to the unfolding conversation.

I couldn't even tell you what the argument is about. Or who won it. Or who was even involved in it, for that matter.

I just feel, like, so distracted.

It's actually pretty clever really. Were this a real life situation in plain old grey-skied reality, I'd be running from a slight hint of a disagreement.  But they do it so well, I barely even notice it.

By 'it', I mean styling.

No offence to the cast or anything, but you can hardly expect a magpie such as myself to concentrate on your words when they come dressed in head-to-toe perfection!

Effortless, flowing, bouncy hairstyles. Even after a hat. Flawless, I've-no-makeup-on makeup. And the clothes, oh the clothes. Crisp, stylish, perfectly put together.
And that's just the lads.

I'm not really sure where all of this has come from to be honest.
Something strange has come over me these last few months. Maybe it's the post-op recovery time, maybe they've hit a nerve causing a peculiar side effect. Maybe it's an experiment..
Either way, here I am, choosing TV material I've pretty much avoided in the past.

And we're not talking just one occasional episode either. This is full-blown planned TV watching with follow-up Netflix binges in between.
Also, not just the one programme either, but we'll come back to that another day.

I just can't help myself. I've even gone as far as checking hotel prices in the general area. Yep.
Prices were almost as high as the penthouse apartments and roof-top wine bars.
I could SO drink a glass or two in one of those right now.  Beats the blanket-strewn sofa in my creamy, off-white apartment.

Anyway, where were we? Think all those imaginary bubbles went straight to my head.

One result of my current infatuation, is the overwhelming urge to paint my whole apartment white. Maybe a hint of grey. Or a pastel pink front door.
The next hypothetical goal is to book myself a daily manicure, hire a mobile makeup artist, and set up a hair salon in a corner of said apartment. Maybe in the newly painted, perfectly ordered bedroom.

OK, I think we all know that ain't gonna happen. But you know what CAN happen? Shopping, that's what.
Starting with a dedicated Pinterest board of fashion inspo. For each character.

Maybe the elegant boutiques and bespoke designs are well out of reach, but who says we can't re-create the looks on a budget?

So, with this comforting thought in mind, here are some potential outfits I've put together. (During the ad breaks).
I'll let you know when I actually find them in the shops.

If you haven't guessed the show by now, maybe some of these will help.

Feel free to make suggestions!

Until next time,


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