Thursday, 6 October 2016

Rehab ramblings

Positivity is a word we see a lot of these days, from inspirational rose-gold-n-marble decor, to social media quotes and images. Easier said than done you could say, to practice gratitude and positive thinking in an age where we are always striving for "more". 

One thing I have noticed though, I always seem to come across it in the unlikeliest of places and from the people I least expect. 

I could (ok, I do) go to work every day and moan about the traffic, pay cuts, workload and state of the public service with the best of them. 
In comparison, I could (and also regularly do) come into a rehab/hospital situation and be met with the most positive environment - despite the difficult or traumatic circumstances that have led people there. 
It's a strange one.

These are the likes of such situations that take away the basic things we take for granted every single day. 

You meet people for whom having a coffee in the afternoon is the treat of all treats. People who look for the good in every day, be it a surprise visit or a sweet treat after lunch. (I kid you not, even bread and jam comes under this category).

When you hear people around you express pure gratitude and appreciation for a simple hot shower, it doesn't half put life in perspective. 

These are also the same people who would do anything for anyone, and take pleasure in doing so. Brightening someone else's day almost becomes a hobby, be it buying a hot chocolate or lending a DVD to break the boredom. 

Finding myself in these situations a bit more often lately has led to some moments of self pity. C'mon, we all do it, let's not fool ourselves. But here, these moments don't last long, they're not given the chance to take hold. 

It could be a singing or joking staff member or a giddy fellow patient, or a gift from a stranger, there's always someone to knock that bad mood right outta you. You might even feel lucky to be here. 

And you know what? I probably am lucky, having the medical support I need, while meeting some of the nicest people at the same time.

So, the next time I find myself back in the office, about to moan about the rain, traffic or some other insignificant misfortune, I'll think of these people I've been fortunate to meet. 

Next time you feel down because a holiday has ended, think instead how blessed you were to have a holiday and treasure the memories you made. Look forward, by all means to the next, while considering those for whom a holiday is a Sunday afternoon 'at home'. 

In a world where we are always wishing for more, we could really learn a lot from those who really appreciate what they already have. 

I realise this post isn't necessarily fashion or style related, but I've come to learn something these past few weeks:

Style isn't always achieved by buying the latest camel coat or grey ankle boots. Cliche as it sounds, it also depends on what's inside, and how a person can radiate a grace and sense of humility that can't be bought or rustled up on a sewing machine. 

I think we all need a person like this around us.

Who's your 'person'? :-)



  1. Lovely post! I will remember this next time I am moaning in work :-)


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