Sunday, 26 July 2015

Diary of a blogger in Rehab

Day 1.
Oh God, here we are again.  Why do I do this to myself?
Wearing half my wardrobe, mistake number one, like an oven in here. #sauna #layers

Day 2.
Actually slept last night. Thats odd. Shhh don't jinx it. Physio enjoyed my matching runners and orthotics #newshoes #needbeautysleep

Day 3.
Got a bit of sunshine between therapies. Even in short sleeves. Purple ones to be exact. #summer #t-shirts #nature

sun shining through tree

Day 4.
Ouch. Physio kicking in now. Not literally. They're still admiring my runners #Dunnes #muscles #nopainnogain

Day 5.
On Fridays we wear pink. Pink ladies on the ward today. Prompted some staff "singing". #prettyinpink

Day 6.
No physio today. Sleep, sleep and chocolate on the to-do list. #break #restday

hot chocolate mug

Day 7.
See above! Probably gaining weight by the second. Oh well. #anotherrestday

Day 8.
Back to purple again. Hit the wall today. Almost literally. Orthotics problems. Time for a chocolate and magazine break. #fashion #chocolate

glamour magazine and tea cup

Day 9.
WiFi down today. Quite bored. If it wasn't for good friends, magazines and nail polish... Early nights becoming a habit. #company #pampering

inspirational quote on friendship
Image credit: Positive Outlooks blog on Facebook
Day 10.
Phew. Some like-minded company has arrived. Where've you been? Back to more pink today, lifts the mood a bit. Interesting day in OT. Rummaging in buckets of rice. #capsulewardrobe #OT 

Day 11.
Almost there, seeing some progress now. Even warming to the yellow-y orthotics. A bit. Nothing yellow in wardrobe though. #matching #results

Day 12.
New machine today. Like a cross trainer but scarier. Wore long sleeves, bad move. #overdressed

Day 13.
Assessing progress made today, not too bad. Changed runners up a bit. Oh the excitement. #confusedphysios

Day 14.
And we're done. Tough sayin goodbye, not a bad bunch really. Few new numbers. Back to normal sized wardrobe soon, no more sportsgear outside the gym. #gymwear #homewardbound

Day 1(back home).
Routine out the window already. Back in jeans. Lost the run of myself in supermarket. Oh the freedom.
Appreciating independence.  Did few exercises, I swear. #homesweethome #grateful

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